Take the Wheel from TikTok.

You don’t own your fans on TikTok, Instagram, or any social media platform. Your ability to build community and monetize hinges on a platform you don’t have control of and that doesn’t care about you.

Rivet is your gateway to safeguarding your audience at a time when you can’t be safe enough.

What is Rivet?

Rivet is a centralized location that securely consolidates fan information, and is dedicated to returning ownership of fan data to you. Owning this fan data means you own a direct relationships with fans, allowing you to engage them on your own accord.

Why Rivet is the Solution

Integrations with IG, Shopify, and others allow you to import all of your fans, giving you complete ownership of your audience. TikTok coming soon!

Content gating in Rivet’s link in bio feature allows the release of exclusive content in exchange for fan data, enabling greater fan data ownership

Through pushes, directly communicate with your fans with messages sent straight to their inboxes.

Why does this matter?

Rivet merges ownership and engagement. Social media is the gateway to getting eyes on your content, but you don’t have ownership there. Rivet is the next solution to legitimately owning your fan relationships and personalizing the way you engage with them.

Regardless of TikTok’s fate, Rivet will return your fan data to you. Don’t let TikTok drive, take the wheel.

Join us and own your fans!


We know there’s uneasiness with the potential TikTok ban, and we’re doubling down on supporting creators. Check out our TikTok channel providing resources, perspectives from creators, and tips & tricks on how to emerge from this stronger. Send us a ping to share your message/collaborate with us too!