Where we began

Rivet’s story begins a few years ago, when one of the founders - who is also a musician - started to grow frustrated with how difficult it was to manage his growing fanbase.

It was easy to see how many listens his music got, but he would spend hours in spreadsheets tracking how his listeners were engaging with him elsewhere. He imagined a world where activating his fans wasn't challenging, but dead simple.

Then... he put together a team to turn that world into a reality.

Where we're going

Rivet is on a mission to build the easiest fan engagement tool. Using artificial intelligence, we're generating tools and recommendations that make fan engagement mindlessly easy. Above all else, we’re committed to creating a riveting experience for our artists and creators.

Who's getting us there

We’re a rockstar team of creators and creatives, comprised of:

Anj Fayemi


Creates: Catchy hooks and awkward zoom moments

Simran Pabla

Head of Product

Creates: Machine learning algo-rhythms... and the best puns

Nafim Rahman

Head of Engineering

Creates: Computer magic

Want to join us? We're hiring! Check out our roles:

Full Stack Engineer

Growth Marketing