The prospect of a TikTok ban is scary. Let’s get through it together

By Aaron Chen

07 Apr 2023

During this time of uncertainty with TikTok, it’s crucial that we help each other safeguard our hard work. Our channel @RivetInsight on TikTok is dedicated to sharing resources to enable creators to take steps they need to minimize the impact of a ban and gain greater ownership of their fanbase. Rivet wants to be here for you too: if you’re looking for a tool to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket, check us out.

This is what we’ve heard from you:

“TikTok has meant everything to my career - I would be devastated”

“I hope my audience follows me to a different platform, but I’m prepared for them to not. I know I could lose everything”

These are some snippets I’ve pulled from conversations with creators who rely on TikTok. We understand that the situation is scary and that people are concerned with losing everything they’ve worked so hard for. I recognize the immense value TikTok brings to our creator ecosystem and 100% share your concerns. Unfortunately, we can’t control the outcome of these proceedings.

What we can do, however, is come together as a community to share resources to help us all be agile in the face of a possible TikTok ban. It would be super meaningful for us to be a leader in this effort. I’ve created a channel @RivetInsight on TikTok as a safe space for creators to compile tips & tricks, tools, and advice on how to safeguard your audience from all corners of the creator community. My goal is to help us support each other through these uncertain times and empower everyone to feel like they’re back in the driver’s seat. I encourage you to engage on this channel, and ping me at @userivetapp if you’re down to join me in this effort.

Some other things we’ve been hearing.

“Now I realize that I’ve put all my eggs in one basket”

“TikTok owns my fanbase, I don’t. It’s sad”

I understand that creators’ success starts and ends with their audience. Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard the same sentiment voiced many times: that creators feel a lack of ownership of the fanbases they’ve worked so hard to cultivate. I applaud everyone who is taking steps to take their communities back, whether that’s through newsletters, podcasts, or websites, as well as the creators who are providing guidance on how to do this. In addition to amplifying these messages through this new channel @RivetInsight, I want to offer my support. The tool I’m working on, Rivet, is specifically built to give you greater ownership of your fanbase and protect your audience from social media's unpredictability. Simply import your fans from social media apps (instagram, etc.) and boom, you have your entire base in one safe place.

Rivet is a young company and we’re just starting to tap into our full potential. If this sounds helpful, check us out below. We’ll be working day and night to make this as helpful as possible - send us a line to let us know what else you’d need to take ownership of your fanbase :)

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